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Why quality inspection is important ?

Quality Inspection in Malaysia is important simply because poor quality increase global cost of your order, and mainly you didn't expect it in advance. In the same time defective products give you trouble with your final customers, and you loose their trust by providing them non-conform products.

By inspecting products before shipment (Initial Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Pre Shipment Inspection, Container Loading Inspection, 100% Full Inspection, Production Monitoring) you reduce considerably risks related to quality product in Malaysia.

The costs associated with import risks and product recalls are definitely reduced thanks to our solutions for affordable price.

Indeed, on a production of 20 000 USD amount, spend only 358 USD to decrease significantly risks is definitely the best solution to secure your order without burning your cash in constant journey from your place to your factory location.

Malaysia Quality Control's inspection report allows you to get a status of your production and an accurate situation of your products before you have to pay the balance of your goods. It's not only when your goods arrive to their destination port that you will have to send back your container, waste your time, run behind your supplier.

The principle involved in quality inspection is the early detection of defects and support of on-time delivery.

Malaysia Quality Control carry out the following quality inspection in Malaysia: